Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baylee fun

It's been a great day in the keels' household!

Bre and Meri got to hang out today. WOOOOOOOOO!

We have been taking pictures and hanging out with Baylee... getting ready to eat some bagel bites.

We love us some hotpocket bites!


(I hope you all have seen the comedian that talks about hot pockets, if not look it up on youtube)

Here are some photos of our FUN day!
Oh!... we just had a dispute about dr. pepper!
oh goodness. Bre says it's the FREATEST
but Meri thinks it has a bad aftertaste
This is a never ending supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (even if the sound is something quite attrocious!)

Bre and Meri

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I just read Bre's Blog

So here I am, the Meri part of Bre and Meri, and I see that she has posted a blog!
I knew that I needed to write one as well.
Here it goes!
We are starting blogs and twitters to stay in touch and be together. Viewers can be apart of this by watching our blogs grow with us. We each have our own but this one is far more special. It has BOTH OF US IN IT!
Not to be confusing, this just means it will be twice as fun and more amusing. We are each others, other half... In time, if you read up, you can see how we think and our blogging will make sense.
Until you get there, don't be discouraged, just enjoy our openly fun loving selves!

The first of many

Welcome to the blog of losers. Haha. Just kidding... partly.
I'm the Bre of the Bre and Meri. We're going to post blogs when we're together just because we can. Haha.
Basically, we both like to write and this is a way for us to write. Even though it's just blogging. :P